About Me

Shirley Ojo


from the United Kingdom, I'm a entrepreneur, Affiliate and Digital Internet Marketer reviewer..

I bring my honest personal opinion on the latest online software tools, educational courses and software products on the market today so to provide the newbies, side hustler, entrepreneur and Online marketers a clearer understanding of the product and it's suitability.

Away from my passion, I am a mother of two from a family passionate for all things online, two wonderful successful entrepreneur daughters in the software development field and married to an I.T manager who is the technical wizard.

I have a love for keeping up to date with the latest gadgets, tech and gismo's which makes life so much easier. Love my football and a fan of Manchester United for as long as I can remember, for those who are not familiar Manchester United are known across the world one of the biggest football club sides in the world, football is the national sport of England.

Having entered the Online marketing world some would say late my mission is to help other late comers who was not bought up in school's with computers and the technology we have today. I would like to educate and help beginners to this Online World who feel that the opportunity to be successful or having a side hustle on the internet has passed them by or thinks maybe this is not possible for them to succeed but to show them it is never to late to follow your dreams regardless of age, colour or status.

I want to provide my subscribers an unfair advantage by highlighting some of the best tools, automations and online courses that come on the market by that I love to see people grow, develop and succeed and if I can play just a small part of that I will be more than happy.

If you have any questions or if I can help you in your choices in anyway do feel free to reach out to me, I will continue to keep my information fresh and updated for my subscribers.

To Your Success


Email: sherls@sherlsaffiliate.com

Phone: : 44+7385294465