Apply Free Online For A Credit Card

You?ve sat down and really thought about and have decided that your ready for your very own credit card. You read all the credit card offers that have flooded your e-mail and post office mail box. You?ve studied the customer incentives. You know all about how annual percentage rates, grace periods, and balance transfers. After studying all this information and making your decision its time to decide how to apply for your card.

Basically there are only two ways of applying for a credit card. You can sit at your desk and fill out the mail in application, put it into the postage paid by addressee envelope, drive it to the post office, mail it, wait three weeks, get a letter saying that you forgot to put the check with the application fee, and repeat the whole process again.

There is something comforting about this system, this process of filling out the application by hand and mailing it. A sense of continuing a time honored tradition, your parents applied for their credits this way, so did your grandparents. Heck your great-great-great grandparents probably applied for their Sears Roebuck store credit card by Pony Express. And if they had a credit card in the stone ages your most distant ancestors probably mailed in the applications.

We have moved past that point. We now have the luxury of applying for a credit card on-line. Instant gratification! When you fill out an online application you?re approval or rejection is in your e-mail almost before you?ve finished filling out the application.

Applying for a credit card on-line could hardly be easier. As an additionally bonus applying on-line for a credit card is free. Credit companies normally waive the application fee for online applications.

The simplest way is to go to the company website. Go to the company website and click the apply now link. This should take you to the application.

Although each companies application looks a little different fairly early on your going to be asked to enter your basic information; first and last name, address, age, birth date, mothers maiden name, phone number, social security number, and how long you?ve lived at your current address.

The next section your going to probably see (again each credit card company has a slightly altered application) is work related; were do you work, what is your job, how much do you make, employers phone number, and how long have you been employed.

Next is the financial information. What is your annual income? What type of bank account do you have? What bank do you use? Do you have a mortgage or rent, how much does that cost a month? It?s all information that you should have right in your desk drawer.

You might be asked if you have any accounts that you want the balance transferred to the card you are applying for.

When that is done you hi the submit button. After that you will be asked to read the terms and conditions. After you do that and check the little conformation box, you will be asked to authorize a credit check. After this is authorized you will be asked to review you application and confirm that all information is correct. When this is done all you have to do is sit aback and wait for the reply in your e-mail. The longest it should take is a few days.

You?ve just applied free online for a credit card.

Good luck!

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