Asset Protection: Some Tips To Protect Your Wealth

In business and accounting an asset is anything owned, whether in possession or by right to take possession, by a person or a group acting together, e.g. a company, the measurement of which can be expressed in monetary terms. Assets are listed on the balance sheet.

Since assets represent every material possession that a person or a company has, some steps should be taken in order to protect them.

Not everybody can afford a sophisticated asset protection plan: however, everybody can take some commonsensical steps to better-protect their hard-earned wealth.

Good advice may save you of many headaches. Ask a lawyer to assist you every time you make a critical legal decision. If you have a friend who can help, that is great! If not, paying a lawyer a small amount of money now is a lot better than loosing a lawsuit that could cost you a 100 times more.

Insurance is always something to be considered. Your asset protection plan does offer a lot of safety, especially if an expert devises it, but the value of a good policy is higher when you also have some adequate insurance.

Trust your asset protection issues to someone reputable, who has been in the business for a while and has had success with their actions. Check out your business partner before you jump in – better to be cautious than be fooled by a scam.

Make sure to use the laws of the state you live in to the maximum. Each state has a few differences in asset related laws – when you are having serious credit problems, try to find the laws that favor your part.

When liability-generating assets are mixed together, chaos strikes. Each of these assets should be kept on a separate plan and under different ownership for larger items. If you own a house and you own a business location, it is better if either of them is owned by a different name – someone you can trust, of course.

General partners might seem like a quick fix idea, but they are jointly liable. This means that any of the partners can commit the partnership to a legal contract – avoid this potentially troublesome action if possible.

Showing off our wealth is common – but it is also dangerous. If people know you are rich, they may sue you. However, do not think that the best asset protection plan is to hide your riches completely. Make sure to have enough coverage from your plan and try not to center all of your belongings on your own name.

Many people are often afraid that future creditors will garnish their bank accounts without notice. In order to avoid this kind of danger, withdraw cash from the bank accounts and use the cash to purchase a variety of store gift cards or gift checks. Major chains such as Walmart and Target will sell unlimited number of prepaid store cards in $2,500 denominations. Then use these cards to buy all the food and other living necessities. The stores do not require identification when purchasing or using the cards. American Express gift checks are available for purchase in larger denominations. Rather the buy your own gift checks, give your cash to friends, have them buy the Amex gift checks, and then give you the gift checks which can be used as cash to purchase items and are protected against loss.

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