Bankruptcy Debt Relief ? The Last Resort

Are you buried neck-deep in debt? Do you owe a total of more than a hundred thousand dollars? Have you been repeatedly turned down by debt relief services? If so, don?t lose hope because there is still one last resort for you and that is to file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy debt relief has been the way out for thousands of people who have no idea of how to escape the financial hole they have inadvertently trapped themselves in. There are even individuals who have filed for bankruptcy more than once in their life.

However, before you join their ranks and go for bankruptcy debt relief yourself, you have to make sure first that there is really no other option for you.

The moment you file for bankruptcy, you will immediately be free of all existing debts. This idea might sound very appealing especially for someone who is already up against the wall in terms of financial obligations. However, you will have to completely understand the workings of the bankruptcy debt relief system before you affix your signature on the bankruptcy documents.

Probably the biggest drawback of bankruptcy debt relief is that once you are officially declared bankrupt, your Credit Bureau report will be stamped with the word ‘Bankruptcy’ in big, bold letters. When the lending companies see this on your record, you can be sure that they will not be sending any credit card offers your way.

Usually, your credit report will be cleared only after a period of seven years. This means that during this time, you will have to live on whatever cash you have because no creditor will be crazy enough to lend money to someone who obviously doesn?t have the means to pay for it. Of course, you can always borrow from generous relatives and friends but that would probably push down your rank in their list of favorite people in town.

Seven years can be a pretty long time and it may not be worth the initial freedom that you can get from bankruptcy debt relief. It is therefore critical that you try all alternatives first before filing for bankruptcy. There are thousands of institutions in the country that offer debt counseling services.

Before opting for bankruptcy debt relief, it would be a good idea to consult with some of these financial experts and bankruptcy attorneys so that you can determine if bankruptcy debt relief is in fact the best option to take.

When you are at a financial website that claims to offer debt relief programs, the first thing you have to look for is whether the address and phone number of their company is listed on the site. If there is no contact information and only a P.O. Box number is supplied, that is a sure sign of a scam and you shouldn?t waste your time on that site.

If a telephone number is listed, you must try calling the debt relief program company. Communicating on the phone with an actual person is always better than just corresponding with them via email.

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