BJ?s Wholesale: The Club That Helps To Save Money

BJ?s is a wholesale club situated in Natick, Massachusetts, started in 1980s and functions as a warehouse club in the eastern part of the United States. Since the 3rd of November, 2005, BJ?s managed almost 161 warehouse clubs and a majority of it operates gasoline stations and only 2 belong to operating restaurant supplies.

They sell over 7,500 products. Most of the products of BJ?s include processed foods, meat and dairy products. Beverages, dry good, fresh flowers and household supplies are also included in the operations of the club. Not only that, they also have other varieties such as electronics, appliances, jewelries, health and beauty products, computer supplies, books, toys and other seasonal products.

BJ?s also provides other lines of services like optical shops, food court, and specialized areas for Internet access, cell phones, and photo services. BJ?s wholesale club operates in most states of the U.S namely, New York, Florida, Connecticut, Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts Georgia, North and South Carolina, etc.

Can you become a member of the BJ?s Wholesale Club?

The term limited membership is not common to everyone at the BJ?s Wholesale Club, thus everyone including you is free to join. The BJ?s is the country?s third membership warehouse club. It is actually the number one in New England, with over eight million members and more than 160 branches in 16 states.

Compare to its top competitors, BJ?s focuses mainly on their individual retail consumers. They actually have 75 percent of individual retail consumer members. In addition, a part of the BJ?s stores sell discounted gas to most of its members.

What are the benefits that a member can get from the BJ?s?

This is the only wholesale club in the U.S. that offers no membership requirements and limitations.

Besides from the special in-Club savings, BJ?s membership will give you added discounts outside the wholesale clubs with their other lines of services. Some wholesale clubs will ask for over 100 dollars for such additional services.

What are the options given to those who want to become a member of the club?

There are two options available in becoming a member, they are:

? One Year Inner Circle

This membership is good for 12 months. The benefits that a member can get in this option includes 30 percent discounts on fresh meat and gourmet. Members will also save when buying major brands of electronics, health and beauty products and a discount on most special services of the BJ?s.

A member will also get a second membership card which can be used by other members of the family who live in the same place with the principal member. The card is given at no extra cost.

? One Year Business

This is a membership that offers the members the same benefits given to the members of the Inner Circle. What makes this one different from the first one is that it gives members tax exemptions and resale rights.

Also, a second card is also provided to the principal member, which can be used by their co-workers and family members. The principal members can actually acquire six second membership cards, by simply paying 20 dollars each.

Just think of the benefits given, are they not very cost effective? So, if you want to save money for yourself but still want to buy so many things, try being a member of the BJ?s. Simply choose which membership you like and go to the nearest BJ?s near you.

BJ?s is also accessible on the internet, so feel free to visit their website online and contact them in case you have questions.

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