Do You Have The Personality For A Remortgage

A remortgage isn’t for everyone, but how can you best decide whether or not its right for you Take this personality quiz and see if you have what it takes to pursue a remortgage for you and/or your family:

1. Can you accept change

YES ? Then you’re primed for remortgage! Because it involves switching lenders, you’ll need to keep an open mind about changing midstream, and with your personality, you shouldn’t have a problem with this. You wont feel disloyal about leaving your current financial institution; after all, you have the ability to separate what is business from what is personal.

NO ? If you stick with something to the bitter end, you may have difficulty dealing with the fact that a remortgage will necessitate that you use a new lender. Alternately, you may want to choose a refinance instead, which usually takes place using the same lender as you currently have. That way, you wont feel as if you’re cheating on your financial institution by seeking a remortgage.

2. Has your credit history changed since you got your first mortgage

YES ? For a good number of people and couples, their credit histories improve over time. Thus, the mortgage they took out in 1990 might still carry with it a very high interest rate even though they now have an unblemished credit report. Hence, a remortgage could offer the opportunity to get a significantly lower interest rate that will allow the borrower to save money in the long run.

NO ? If your credit history hasn’t changed much since you first borrowed money for your mortgage, you may not need to remortgage. After all, one of the primary reasons for a remortgage is to change your payments and perhaps allow you to save considerable sums.

3. Are you good at doing research

YES ? You love the thrill of researching and investigating something new, so you’ll be into hunting for the best remortgage deal available. You also wont get discouraged if you don’t find terrifically low interest rates the first time you window shop for a remortgage; you’ll just wait a few days and try again!

NO ? If you don’t like researching, you might want to reconsider getting a remortgage. Alternately, why not ask someone else to do your investigating for you That way, you can get the best remortgage deal possible, but without the legwork that isnt your forte.

4. Do you like saving money

YES ? Saving here and then really makes you smile, so a remortgage is certain to elicit a wide grin! Many individuals have been able to sock away considerable amounts of money, thanks to taking out a remortgage and pocketing all they would have spent on interest. You’ll also be able to pay down your principle rapidly with a remortgage, saving you even further!

NO ? Are you really not that interested in saving any moolah Then a remortgage might not mean as much to you but you still should consider it? after all, a penny saved IS a penny earned!

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