Every Business Needs Rewards

Maggie runs a desktop publishing business out of her home. Two of the items that Maggie uses the most are her computer system and her copier. The copier she bought second hand when she first began the business. Now it is doing well, and the copier is starting to break down more often, and Maggie is starting to think that continuing to repair it may mean throwing good money after bad. Maggie doesn?t have sufficient capital to invest the it in the copier she really wants, but figures that if she could pay it over a six month period, she can get the one that is just perfect for her publishing business. After investigating several of the cards, she decided that a Chase Business Cash Rewards Card would be exactly what she needs.

Now that Maggie has her Chase Business Cash Rewards Card, she pays 0% interest for the first twelve billing cycles. This means that she can purchase her copier as soon as she finds it, and will not have to pay any interest for the six months that it will take her business to defray the cost. Also, using the card for this purchase and others, Maggie does not have to be as concerned that her customers come in at a steady rate. One of her customers gives her a great deal of business, but that order only comes once every two months. The reduction in financial stress that having a Chase Business Cash Rewards Card offers is considerable, since Maggie can continue buying needed supplies while waiting for another big order to come in.

In addition, the Chase Business Cash Rewards Card offers cash rewards! Well, of course it does. Maggie earns up to 5 points for every $1 that she spends using the Chase Business Cash Rewards Card, depending on how much is charged to the card every month. She is guaranteed at least 1 point for every $1 that is charged to the card, whether she uses it a lot or a little during the month. Every time the card accumulates 5000 points, $50 cash is returned to Maggie, as a thank you for using the card. The card also has other advantages, such as benefits when automobiles are rented, and other travel related benefits.

The Chase Business Cash Rewards Card can be a great asset for a small business, both in making the cash flow more flexible, and giving monetary rewards for business expenses.

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