Five Keys To Effective Debt Consolidation

There are many debt consolidation programs out there. Many simply want to take some more of your hard-earned money and may simply provide you with a minimum of services. Here are some things you can do to help yourself out of potentially tight financial situations and come out better for it. Even more important, a good program of debt consolidation will help enable you to stay out of debt.

1. Know How Much Debt You Have

The first step toward getting out of debt is to find out just how much debt you actually have. This means looking at all of your monthly bills and adding them all up. You should also see if you have any upcoming expenses that you know are really necessary for you to cover as well.

2. Restructure Your Finances

After you know how much debt you have, you need to look over your finances and see what expenses you can cut back on. In other words, create a budget for yourself that enables you to live on the income you actually have at the time.

This may also require that you reduce that stack of credit cards – if this is one of the causes of your debt. Cut up the cards that you are not using and close down the accounts. Having too much credit is one way to lower your credit score because a lender will consider your debt to income ratio, and your credit to income ratio.

3. Cover Your Debt

Look over and select a way to cover that debt. If, after you decide that you can handle the debt without financial help, this is a great option. Probably many people could get themselves out of debt with more disciplined spending habits.

If this method will not provide you with enough money, then you may seek to get money other ways to consolidate your debts into a single monthly payment. Here are four of them:

? Borrow from a relative
? A personal loan – secured is best
? A home equity loan – adjustable or fixed rate
? A cash out mortgage – refinance your first mortgage

Choosing any of the last three options will require you to shop around for the best interest rates. You should also educate yourself as to which option may be the best for you – and this will depend on your circumstances.

4. Reduce Your Debt Quickly

When you secure the money needed to pay your debtors and you get a low monthly payment, you still should pay it off as quickly as you can. Being in debt certainly can reduce the quality of life you are able to enjoy. Besides, you will save much money in interest if you work to eliminate all your debt as quick as possible. Then, before long, you can relearn the meaning of financial freedom.

5. Prepare For The Future

This means you need to take some steps that provide corrective action. In other words, the best preparation for the future is to do something to prevent it from happening again. While it is not always possible to stay out of debt, a little wisdom about finances does go a long way. Seeking debt counseling may be a good way to start out with the educational tools needed to help you stay out of debt and keep your credit score where you want it ? thus avoiding the need for debt consolidation again.

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