Free Money: Fact or Fiction?

Yes, you have heard it all: get free money. Well, little in life is truly free, but if you are wise about it you can save a little bit of money here and a little bit of money there and accumulate wealth. Have you shaken the money tree yet? If so, tell me where it is so that I can get my fair share. Seriously, if you want free money you?ll have to put a little effort out first. Let?s examine some sources of free money just waiting for your hand out.

Clip Coupons ? All those coupons you see in your Sunday newspaper, which come in your mail, that even pop up your computer screen are meant for you to take action. Simply cut the coupons out, march down to your local supermarket, and use the ?cents off? savings to get free money. Okay, you won?t be handed a wad of cash but you can pocket the savings nevertheless. Even better: shop at those supermarkets willing to double even triple your savings.

File Your Tax Return ? So, you didn?t file your tax returns in 2003, 2004, and 2005 because you made a pittance, eh? Well, you may be missing out on some free money. Depending on your household set up, you could be missing out on the government?s earned income tax credit for your children. If you don?t file, you don?t get the free money which could amount to several thousand dollars per year!

Rebate It ? Oh, that new color printer you bought is a real scream! Did you notice the $20 rebate that came with it? Oh sure the $99 sale price was a bargain but did you notice any additional money savings with that offer? For the price of a postage stamp you can submit a rebate and await your $20 check a few weeks later. Free money? You bet you: most people don?t bother to redeem rebates!

Property Tax Relief ? So, you are over 65 and finding it hard to make ends meet. Well, in some communities help is as near as your local property tax office. Maybe you shouldn?t pay the full property tax amount every year; some locales discount property taxes for cash strapped seniors by as much as 10% each year. That could translate into hundreds of dollars in savings especially if you live in a high tax area!

Take A Survey ? Most of those mall survey people will pay you to take a survey. Typically, you will get $5 or a coupon for a free meal at McDonald?s. In some cases you could be eligible for a much more comprehensive survey. If so, hundreds of dollars of free money could be awaiting you.

Yes, read the fine print with any offer as some are certainly ?too good to be true.? In many other cases, however, free money can be had. Check around to see what offers are available in your area?someone has to get the free money, why not you?

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